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April 26, 2022

Why Replace R O Water Filters

Why You Should Replace Your RO Water Purifier Filters

Have you ever wondered why you should replace your RO Water Purifier Filters regularly? This is an actual RO Water Purifier filter replacement done by Absolutely Perfect Water George just 2 months after installation, as shown in the image. The client noticed that the water flow from the purifier was very low and the water did not look or taste the way it should. On inspection, they found that the filters needed to be replaced! The 3 filters that were changed are shown in the image. The difference between the new and also old filters are obvious. The filters in the picture were taken from a residence in Oudtshoorn. Water filters in different areas and towns might require change at different time intervals. This is why your RO Water Purifier filters need to be checked regularly and also replaced if necessary. You can do this yourself. The replacement filters are available from both Perfect Water shops in George. Their experienced technician can also take care of this job for you. Give Perfect Water George a call and book your filter change or purifier service. Why Replace R O Water Filters  The post Why Replace R O Water Filters first appeared on Lalakoi Publishing Network.

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