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May 23, 2016

Vdub Service Centre

Vdub Service Centre

Volkswagen and Audi Service Centre in Mossel Bay

Vdub Service Centre is a professional vehicle service centre in Voorbaai Mossel Bay. This owner-run business offers outstanding service and the owner boasts with 21 years experience. Although we specialize in Volkswagen and Audi, we work on all makes of vehicles.

Vehicle Service Centre in Mossel Bay

Whether your vehicle simply needs an oil change, intermediate, inspection/major service or any repairs, The Vdub Service Centre can be of assistance. Our service centre is fully equipped to assist with the following:
  • Replacement of Oil Filter, Air Filter, Pollen/Cabin Filter, Fuel Filter, Engine Oil, Spark Plugs, Brakes, V Belts and more
  • Adjustment of Hand Brakes and Brake Tests, All Lights
  • All repairs and maintenance
  • Completion of Safety Check and Roadworthiness

Vehicle Diagnostics in Mossel Bay

For quality vehicle diagnostics, bring your vehicle to Vdub Service Centre in Voorbaai Mossel Bay, Vdub Service Centre provides their customers with free maintenance recommendations to keep their vehicle running smoothly and cost-effectively for longer. Prevention is the key to affordable car maintenance.

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