Orion Pack and Logistics

Orion Pack and Logistics

Mossel Bay Packing and Logistic Service

Orion Pack and Logistics is a professional company that takes care of all your packing and related logistics for moving of your home, death, down-scaling, moving to a care facility or clearing storage. This owner-run business with a team of professional packers offers an all-inclusive packing service to take care of the unpleasant task for you. Orion Pack and Logistics are based in Mossel Bay but offer their services in the area stretching from Swellendam to Stormsriver.

Garden Route House Packing and Logistics

Orion Pack and Logistics in the Garden Route’s services are ideal for both home and office relocations or packing up to be stored. This includes packing, wrapping and labeling of possessions and valuables. The utmost care, respect, dignity and integrity will be taken to handle all property and belongings.

Orion Pack and Logistic Services include:

  • Sanitize Premises (If required)
  • Compile detailed inventory (Photographs, Videos, Written)
  • Liaise with evaluators and contractors
  • Packing, wrapping and labeling
  • Distribute to nominated recipients or charities
  • Arrange storage and transport
  • Clean Premises

All packing will be under strict and reliable supervision.
Please contact us for a quotation and more information.

Orion Pack and Logistics

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