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May 30, 2022

Besta Bouers Mossel Bay

Besta Bouers Mossel Bay

Asbestos Removals Mossel Bay Garden Route

Besta Bouers is a registered Asbestos Removal Contractor (RAC) in the Western Cape. They are based in Mossel Bay in the Garden Route but service the Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern Cape. Besta Bouers offers legally compliant Asbestos removal and disposal of any asbestos products this includes roof sheets, wall panels, gutters, downpipes and more!

Call us today for all your Asbestos Removal and Disposal.

Western Cape Asbestos Removal Company

Our team of well-trained and experienced technicians is equipped to take care for asbestos removals for projects of all sizes. We make sure of up-to-date personal protective equipment, clothing as well as testing processes on all projects to ensure your safety as well as our technicians.

Our services include the following:

  • Asbestos Inventory and Action Plans
  • Asbestos Removals and Disposal
  • Visual Inspections & Sample Testing
  • Arranging AIA monitoring and reporting
  • Demolition and removal of any asbestos containing materials
  • Decontamination of any asbestos-contaminated areas or buildings

Painting and Renovation Contractor in Mossel Bay

Besta Bouers is a professional residential and commercial painting specialist in Mossel Bay. For all your painting, renovations as well as building projects, contact Besta Bouers for excellent service and outstanding workmanship.

Contact Besta Bouers today for a quotation on asbestos removal, painting as well as renovations.

Besta Bouers Mossel Bay

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