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July 25, 2016

Hartenbos Slaghuis

Hartenbos Slaghuis

Butchery in Hartenbos

Butchery in Hartenbos

Hartenbos Slaghuis is a popular butchery well known for their excellent, quality meat and related products. The butchery is centrally located in Hartenbos, in the main CBD. Hartenbos Slaghuis has been under the current owner’s management for the past 4 years. However there has been butchery in this premise for the past 20 years. The friendly, competent team of Hartenbos Slaghuis will walk the extra mile for all their clients.

Hartenbos Slaghuis

Quality Meat and Related products at butchery  Hartenbos Slaghuis

Whether you are looking for the perfect meat for a braai, corporate event or your monthly meat supply, Hartenbos Slaghuis offers it all. Their gourmet braai packs, speciality meats, and traditional meat will meet all clients’ needs. Hartenbos Slaghuis takes pride in offering their clients hands-on service and supplying their meat exactly like they would want it done.


Expert Venison Processing available in Hartenbos

Over the years, Hartenbos Slaghuis has built a strong name for venison processing for large number of clients in the area. Their team of expert and competent staff will meet all your expectations in processing your venison meat just like you want it!


Biltong, Droëwors and Cabanossi available in Hartenbos

Hartenbos Slaghuis has a wide range of delicious and superior quality biltong, droëwors and cabanossi available. Let our butcher assist you in getting the perfect piece of biltong for your taste. Hartenbos Slaghuis supplies larger quantities for corporate clients.

Business Hours of Hartenbos Slaghuis:
•    Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm
•    Saturdays from 8am to 2pm


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