Importance of Stress Relief & Techniques to help

Importance of Stress Relief & Techniques to help

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A traffic jam, a nightmare boss, a toxic relationship; all are nasty sources of stress that vary in how long they last and how much they affect your day-to-day life. None of us can avoid stress completely, and we wouldn’t want to. Stress in small amounts can be helpful. But because stress disrupts the natural functioning of our bodily systems, chronic stress becomes an increasingly heavy burden to bear. Few of us make time for stress relief in our daily routines, which allows stress to bubble away and build up. Stress can be intense for a short period, or it can simmer away over weeks, months, or even years. The most crucial reason to prioritize stress relief is to stop it from building up.

Over time, stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol stop helping us and start being destructive to our bodies. Being in a constant state of stress increases strain on our hearts, suppresses our immune system, and increases inflammation.

Evidence-Based Stress-Relief Techniques

  1. Stress Relief -Try our Mind spa Stress relief session to get the quality effect of relaxing the mind.
  2. Sleep
  3. Progressive muscle relaxation – Progressive muscle relaxation involves tensing and relaxing different muscle groups.
  4. Mindfulness – Mindfulness-based stress reduction programs have consistently shown to be an effective stress-relieving intervention. Mindfulness involves bringing your awareness to the present moment with a non-judgmental and accepting attitude, which can help you deal with stressors more effectively when they arise.
  5. Guided imagery – shown to reduce stress and help treat depression.
  6. Deep breathing
  7. Laughing and humor

Emotional healing is less visible than recovery from a scrape on our elbow or a broken bone, but it is just as important. When we heal from our emotional injuries, it helps us move forward in positive, healthy ways. Processing feelings can allow us to express our emotions more clearly, improve our relationships, move on from negative experiences, and generally feel more free and happy in our lives. So how can you improve your emotional health?

Want help releasing the energetic blockages that could be holding you back from optimum emotional health?

Contact Mariaan Cronje at B-Stressfree Mossel Bay for a stress relief session and more information.Importance of Stress Relief & Techniques to help

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