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February 22, 2024

Beeswax for Sewing George

Beeswax for Sewing at Fabric World George

Get your Beeswax for sewing from Fabric World George. Run the thread through the beeswax to strengthen and smooth out the thread for sewing. Beeswax is used to help reduce tangling, fraying and to improve the glide of thread for hand sewing. It strengthens the durability of the stitches on the finished product when quilters are binding, embroidering, or adding appliqué by hand. Beeswax is also used when stitching tents to make the stitching waterproof. Just run the wax over the stitching to seal it. Visit the Fabric World shop in George for all your fabric and sewing supplies. Visit the Garden Route Business Directory for information on more businesses in the Garden Route and also the Klein Karoo. The post Beeswax for Sewing at Fabric World George first appeared on Lalakoi Directory.The post Beeswax for Sewing George first appeared on Lalakoi Publishing Network.

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